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Questions tagged [crate]

For questions about using crates with pets, often dogs. Crate training, safety, size and other issues. Whether the crate is used for sleeping, transport or other containment uses. Use with the relevant species tag, such as `dog` and any other relevant tags, such as `behavior`

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How can I stop my puppy from barking in her crate while I'm away?

I have a Brittany that is 7 months old that barks when she is in her crate when I'm away (I have a webcam set up so I can monitor her while I'm gone). She knows that she only gets let out once she is ...
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10 week Havachon menace, tantrum crying/howling in crate and playpen constantly, compounded by biting

We have several problems. Main Problem: Howling/crying bloody murder What happens: Howls, barks angrily, jumping up at the door of crate/barrier Sometimes bites/gnaws on barrier/crate Compounds ...
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How Can I Put My Food-Obsessed Dog in His Crate and Keep Him Occupied Without Freaking Out?

My four-month old lab/shepherd mix is doing pretty well with crate-training. Especially when he's tired. If he's even close to tired when I need to put him in there, he'll fall asleep pretty quickly ...
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10 week old frenchie puppy pooping and peeing in crate

We just got a 10 week old french bulldog puppy. At night when we go to bed we crate her so she can't get into any trouble while we're sleeping. Now I know puppies don't have fully developed bladders ...
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3 mo. old dachshund puppy is quiet in crate for an hour, then starts barking

Our 3 mo. old dachshund puppy has gotten pretty good at being in his crate for about an hour to an hour and a half during the day. We've never had any trouble at night. He'll sleep 8+ hours and doesn'...
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