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Questions tagged [containment]

Questions about places where pets live, including housing, designing and maintenance, keeping pets in the place, restricting access, or keep other animals from these locations.

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2 answers

How can I protect my tortoise from ant attacks?

I've been getting prepared before attaining a new tortoise, and I thought I'd have everything figured out and set up before I get it. A while ago when I was cleaning my turtle's pool I left it to ...
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Building a Termite Farm

So me and my friend have decided to make a termite farm and with me and him both being in high school, we don't really know the best materials for it. We have looked it up and have only found a small ...
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Good collar tracker for my deaf cat

I have a deaf cat, 7 years old, and I've been trying to find a tracker for her collar but there's so many different options I don't know which type is best. As she's deaf she's an indoor cat and so ...
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Turtles: Fresh water in aquarium turned red after few minutes

Around 30-40 mins ago I changed aquarium water, cleaned the filter and dropped some toya food for my turtles. Now I am seeing water turned red, I have already checked there are no cuts, bites or ...
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How can I prevent my plants from getting eaten too fast?

I've got a huge problem with my fish and plants. They eat them too rapidly. Put in 5 plants yesterday afternoon. Today they are half eaten already. Mostly, the sword bearers are responsible. Eaters ...
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Should I worry that someone will steal my puppy while he is in my backyard unsupervised?

I live in a pretty to a very safe area in the USA. My backyard is large, grassy, and safe (no manmade objects, choking hazards, poisonous plants, etc.) so I let my puppy be in the fully fenced in the ...
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Keeping fry out of canister filter?

I have a ~1000 gallon pond in my yard. It contains mosquitofish and goldfish. The pond currently has 2 of these submersible filters similar to this: However, to clean the filter, I need to wade into ...
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Is it safe to leave a Sheltie puppy with access to a doggy door?

I have to go to work during the day and I'm struggling to find a system that works well for making my Sheltie comfortable when I'm gone. I leave her in the house with plenty of food and water, check ...
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Spotted salamander hibernation interruption care

Today I saw my dogs playing with something in my yard. It turned out to be a very large spotted salamander (about 10-11 inches long). It was frozen solid, and I assumed it was either already dead, ...
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How to create an antnest outworld

I'm an antkeeper and was wondering if someone knows how to go about doing a proper antnest outworld. I did make some outworlds with sand to prevent my colony from digging to deep, but I was wondering ...
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When do rabbits need a dry and insulated place to sit?

My female rabbit likes to sit on the grass in my garden. In summer, this seems normal to me, but in the colder seasons, I am worried about her health. For example today it is a cloudy, foggy, and ...
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How much space does a fish need?

I am wondering if there is any accurate way to determine how much space any particular fish needs. I have heard things like 1 gallon per inch of fish, but this cannot be accurate as a betta (2.25 ...
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Is cholla wood safe for a bug terrarium?

Specifically, is cholla wood safe for a lidded terrarium that will house springtails? I'm not going to put any vertebrates in there, just springtails and maybe isopods later on. I know cholla is ...
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10 month old large breed crate time

My puppy is rather large for his age. He sleeps out of his crate at night, is up at 9 am, put in the crate at around 2:30 pm for me to go to school, let out of the cage at 9pm when I get back. That's ...
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Are there smart collars for dogs?

Is there a smart collar that keeps your dog in a perimeter by shock and leash pull simulation? I am looking for something a lot like Petelligent, but they went out of business. I am looking for ...
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Containment Anxiety

I have a male mini Daschsund who has what I have identified as severe containment anxiety which he has had since the age of 10 weeks when I brought him home. It was originally misdiagnosed as ...
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