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Any type of competition for pets, such as animal racing or dog shows. Please use for anything directly related to competitions, showings, showmanship, conformation shows, and similar.

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Will scarring effect my horse's placement in a showing class?

My horse is now almost 3. (a week away) This year we were supposed to start showing in-hand (UK) However, when she was first introduced to our lower herd in November/December she unfortunately caught ...
3 votes
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What do judges look for at a horse show?

I've always wondered what does a judge look for in a horse show? I know they look at: Conformation Personality Gait Presentation I'll be attending a 2-3 year old all breed class with an Appaloosa. ...
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How should I show my Appaloosa horse?

I have a three year old Appaloosa filly I will hopefully be showing in-hand this year. (Mostly to help postpone my eagerness to ride.) I'm wondering what the breed standard is for showing an ...