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The ability for two or more beings to coexist together.

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Is there anything I should know or consider before giving a pet as a gift?

I want to give someone a pet as a gift. I was thinking of making it a Christmas gift, but it could be a birthday gift if I don't find the right pet soon. So I was discussing the options with some ...
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Do ferrets get along with other pets?

While reading about things to know when acquiring a ferret, I came across this article that says that ferrets do not get along with other pets: Most ferrets don't get along with birds, fish, ...
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15 votes
4 answers

Which fishes can live together with neons?

I have some 50 neons in my aquarium. Recently, I've added some black tetras. They live together very well. What other species could I add so that they would still live "in peace", i.e., without ...
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Would a sailfin dragon get along with a cat?

I've read that Sailfin Dragons a quite receptive of human handling and can make pretty good pets. I'm curious if that means they would get along with other animals too. I have two cats, and they're ...
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Aquaponics: lobsters, clams, oysters and tilapia all in the same tank?

I've really been getting into gardening over the past year and have just started looking at aquaponics. I hope to one day build my own homestead, and want a big greenhouse with a central aquaponics "...
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Can a hamster and a tortoise/land turtle coexist peacefully?

We're interested in keeping a hamster in the house, and I know my wife is fond of small reptiles. Is it possible to keep a tortoise and a hamster in the same enclosure? I'm thinking this is ...
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Are axolotls and plecos compatible?

I found this question on an amphibians forum. The answers provided on there were contradictory and I was hoping we could do better here on Pets.SE. I have had my first axolotl for four months now. ...
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What do I have to consider before getting a sugar glider as a pet?

I am thinking about getting a sugar glider as a pet. What are the main issues I should think about before getting one? Also, I am planning to buy a dog (boxer) later on when we move to a bigger home, ...
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Can I keep a Cockatoo and finches in the same aviary?

My wife and I just built a small aviary and we want to get our Cockatoo a friend. He is 2 years old and loves people. He's not aggressive at all. I also would like to get some finches and start ...
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Can I keep crayfish and guppy fish together in a tank?

I have an aquarium and keep peaceful fish together like: angelfish; guppy; shark; Hypostomus plecostomus. These are pictures of my fish in aquarium: My fish are living together peacefully, but I ...
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How does care differ between a Labrador and Cane Corso?

We have a Labrador of 15 months and we are looking for a Cane Corso puppy. Our Labrador is quite big for a Labrador. Both dogs will be male. What I do wonder, is if this the best combination, since ...
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Is it best to get another "companion" dog after one passes away?

We have adopted two older dogs, and eventually one will probably pass away before the other. If / when this happens (unless they pass away at the same), should we get a new "companion" dog? A couple ...
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Will I have any problems with this combination of fish?

I've got a 6gallon tank housing a total of 9 fishes, 1 Betta 4 Neon Tetras 2 Golden Mbuna 2 Orange Zebras So far all fishes are doing fine, my betta is silent and doesnt harm other fishes also the ...
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Which smaller fish to add to a 60-gal. tank of danios, corydoras and tetras?

I have a 60-gallon fish tank, 48 inches by 12 by 24 LWH. I have many plants which keeps my ammonia negligible (but the nitrates will build up). I have 8 tetras, 8 cory cats, and 8 danios. (the cory ...
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Neon Tetras what other species would work nicely with them [duplicate]

I have a tropical fish tank at the moment with 2 types of tetras in it: Tiger Tetras Neon Tetras and 2 Catfish (not sure of the exact name). I was wondering what type of fish would work well in a ...
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Are there any species of turtles that won't eat fish?

I have lots of pond fish, from tiny .5" (1.25 cm) minnow size to large fat goldfish. I want to add some aquatic turtles, but I found the pet store sells goldfish as food for the turtles. Are ...
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Can I put a red tailed shark and 2 three-spot gourami in a 55 gallon tank?

I am getting a 55 gallon (around 210 L) tank and I am planning on getting a red tailed shark and two three-spot gourami. Is this good? I have looked at millions of other websites and they say it's ...
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New older cat coming into the house

I have had my current cat for about 2 years now. She is a lovely Manx. Three months ago we moved to my parents' house where there was a small foxy, whom she was fine with but never came closer than ...
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Can I keep tiger barbs and rosie barbs together in the same tank?

I have 4 tiger barbs and I introduced 2 new rosie barbs to the tank with them. I think one of the tiger barbs is either playing with one of the rosie barbs or hurting it. I am not so sure of it as I ...
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Betta companions? [duplicate]

I don't want my betta to be the only thing in his bowl. Is there anything I could put in with him that won't hurt him or he won't try and hurt?
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Guppy male harassing females

Background I have 2 female guppies in a ~60 L planted aquarium, temperature ~25 °C, internal filter, relatively hard (but not too hard) water. They've been on a diet of standard flakes. Change about 1/...
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Can a rabbit be safe drinking water that a turtle and fish live in?

My rabbit discovered that the pool in our backyard has water in it. She figured out a way to drink it. My family put a rock so she can better reach the turtle pool. I'm curious to know if the water ...
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