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Aquariums intended to keep more than a single species of animal. Most aquarium questions will probably involve community tanks, but this tag is only appropriate when the question specifically deals with some aspect of keeping multiple species together.

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What causes a Norman's lampeye to lose the ability to move it's tail fin?

I have an aquarium with eight Norman's lampeyes (unfortunately 5 male, 3 female) and some other fish. Last Sunday I discovered that one of the Norman's lampeyes wasn't doing so well. She was nearly ...
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My male platy is clamping, is he sick?

I got this platy when I first got my tank. He used to swim around a lot, at the top, in the middle, and low close to the substrate, fins open, chasing the two female platies. He still feeds and if I ...
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Completely Self Sustaining Aquatic Environment in a Sealed Jar

I recently got the idea into my head to create an entirely self sustaining aquatic environment in a (large) sealed jar. I'd like to include: A layer of soil and gravel at the bottom A large number ...
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Air pump selection

I'd be really thankful if anyone who owns any of the air pumps mentioned in this article could tell me which one is the best, from either personal ...
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Flourish Excel melting my hair grass and ludwigia

Folks, I got a nano-tank setup of 6 gallon (around 23 liters), in which I got: Tall Grass (Eleocharis Vivipara) Ludwigia Mini Dwarf Hair Grass (Eleocharis Acicularis) For the first 3 weeks I didn't ...
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How to setup a planted aquarium

I have a 4 feet by 6 feet hole newly introduced on one of my walls. This wall in particular, separates the foyer and the drawing rooms in my house. I have mentally worked out a plan to use this hole ...
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Beginner level community fish tank

I am planning to set up a 40 gallon(breeder) fish tank to house easy beginner level fishes. I want to go with small fishes. Below are the max combination i came up after researching. 6 - neon tetra 2 ...
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Clear bubble forming on guppy fin

My male white guppy has a strange, bubble-filled pocket on both sides of his dorsal fin. It does not seem to be affecting or causing any pain to the guppy. He is acting normal. He is still energetic ...
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What cleaner fish should I include with my aquarium?

I am planning on getting a 20 gallon Marina fish tank (24 inches x 12.5 inches x 16.5 inches). I have already planned on getting several species of fish for my aquarium. I am most likely getting two ...
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Medicine for Aquarium Fish wound

Any tips on how to treat the fish's wound in the linked photo, including what medication to use? Additionally, I'm new at making fish and I've only had my new fish for three days. I only became aware ...
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