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The band/ring used around a pet's neck (typically a dog, but can be used for other pets too) to restrain, decorate, control, or protect.

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Benefits of O-ring collar over D-ring?

What are the benefits of an O-ring collar over a traditional flat collar with a D-ring (if any)? O-ring collar D-ring collar
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Do electronic collars work for barking?

My dog barks when he hears certain sounds from our neighborhood such as the sounds of other dogs around. Some people suggest that I buy an electronic collar that shocks the dog when he barks. Do such ...
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Cat’s Neck - Fur Missing In Front

I just noticed a large bald spot at the front of my 10 month indoor Calico. It was not there yesterday. I removed her collar with a bell and charm as well as the Seresto collar. She has had both on ...
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Cat disappeared for 2.5 days before coming back

Context My fiancée and bought a new house and moved in at the beginning of the month (just over two weeks ago now). The previous owners were leaving the country and we opted to adopt their cat; a 5 ...
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Cat has bare area where collar rubbed

Our cat has a bald area due to a collar being a little to tight. She gained weight and I realized it later than I should have. Her hair has never grown back, and her collar is loose now. I am not sure ...
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Collar for my kitten

I have been trying for about two months for my kitten abjosting to wear her collar. We started of with collar without bell and I had try to give a treats or do it just before feeding. She literally ...
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Cat keeps removing collar

Every time we put a collar on our cat he keeps removing it. He's pretty much OK with it when it's put on (it doesn't freak him out), he's just stubborn and removes it when we're not looking. Often ...
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Soft Recovery collar too tight?

I bought my cat, Rhea, a soft recovery collar to replace her cone. It looks like a plushy donut around her neck. I think it's the right size but I'm always paranoid it's too tight. She ate twice with ...
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If a rabbit has a collar, at what weight should the collar break so the rabbit will not be strangled?

Caused by this question What kind of information collar fits for a rabbit? I need to know what a rabbit's neck could withstand. If the rabbit has a collar, at what weight should the collar break so ...
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What kind of information collar fits for a rabbit?

My male rabbit all second day escapes the backyard. His wife stays in the garden and he comes back for her all the time. He goes for adventure to the neighbors' gardens and the nearby park. Our direct ...
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Are there smart collars for dogs?

Is there a smart collar that keeps your dog in a perimeter by shock and leash pull simulation? I am looking for something a lot like Petelligent, but they went out of business. I am looking for ...
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Puppy hates collar and leash

We just bought a five-month-old puppy. It's been a week and I think I may have rushed the collar and leash training as the puppy can't walk straight with the collar on and frequently shakes her head ...
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How can I read lost dog's collar tag without it biting me?

I sometimes discover lost dogs on the street that have a collar with a tag with maybe a contact phone to reach their owner. Since I don't know their character or if something happened and scared them ...
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Preffered method for applying a barking collar

My dog has been vocal for most of his life, and nothing I have tried has worked; including training (both reward and punishment), keeping him inside (he still barks at almost anything), and I have ...
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Should I put a collar on my indoor cat?

I have a very strictly indoor cat, that has tried to dart outside a couple of times and sometimes succeeded, only making it to the edge of our patio before we caught him. My absolute worst nightmare ...
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My cat hates his collar. How to handle it?

My cat Shiloh HATES his collar. When I adopted him I was told I need to keep a collar on him, even though I will never let him go outside (I was further informed that even though he is an indoor cat ...
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How to train my dog to wear a collar and not chew through it?

My 9 month old chihuahua-yorkie mix refuses to wear a collar with her identification on it. She is a very small dog, weighing 4.6 pounds, and the vet says she is full-grown. We have tried extra-...
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Is it harmful to use a prong collar?

I asked this question Can check (choke) chains still be used to successfully train dogs? and wanted to address specifically the use of a prong collar. (image courtesy of Wikipedia) Is it harmful to ...
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Can check (choke) chain collars still be used to successfully train dogs?

We grew up using check chains (also known as choke chains) on our dogs (responsibly, or so I thought). There are articles like this one (Flying Paws Dog Training) saying these chains should never be ...
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