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A bird that is a member of the Cockatoo family. Native to parts of Australia, cockatiels feature a yellow head with a red spot on both sides.

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My cockatiel gave birth to 4 babe in first cycle, need to take care of it, please educate me?

I had a pair, and they hatched 4 chicks in first clutch What would I need to know about care of the chicks?
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My 4 month old Cockateil makes some odd noises as if it is talking with someone else. Do I need to worry about such behaviour?

My Cockatiel which is around 3-4 months old, seems to make noises that resemble "Talking". These noises are often made when it is in a free mood but not in any other uncomfortable situations. I'm ...
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Recently brought home a 3 week old cockatiel chick, why does my adult male cockatiel keep trying to feed it without feeding anything?

Does the question make sense? I've adopted an adult male cockatiel (Miu), he's very sweet and tame. We've had him for a few years now. Recently my mom brought home a 3 week old cockatiel chick, Miu ...
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Likelihood of survival- Pneumonia baby cockatiel

I just got a female baby cockatiel on July 4th (11days ago). I had to wait two weeks from when I first fell in love with her, and just visit with her instead of taking her home, because she was still ...
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Will a male cockatiel take care of 5 day old babies on its own?

Our female cockatiel died today. They have 2 babies which are around a week old. Will the male feed and take care of the babies by itself? What should we do?
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two male cockatiels bowing their head to each other

i have two male cockatiels. they are pretty much good friends and get along really well. however i see them sometimes bowing their head to each other for a short time like 1 minute, then they start ...
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How many chicks can my cockatiel take care of?

First time chick mom. Not planned. How many chicks can the couple raise?
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We picked up our cockatiels egg and we were about to candle it but we felt something hard rattling inside is it alive?

The egg was darker than others and we didn't candle it because we were too worried we might damage the egg further.
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