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A bird that is a member of the Cockatoo family. Native to parts of Australia, cockatiels feature a yellow head with a red spot on both sides.

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Cockatiel going into tight spaces and getting angry

My cockatiel got into the habit of going into tight spaces and getting angry there. She goes into the cupboard, clothes dryer, climbs into any pots or dishes that are around, or just squeezes ...
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How do I encourage my cockatiels to continue feeding their chicks when they stop?

My cockatiels stop feeding their chicks after about 5-6 days. Sometimes they feed them until they are 10 days old and then they'll stop. I have lost so many chicks due to this bad habit. What should I ...
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At what age should we get a Cockatiel baby at home?

I want to get a pet bird. I love Cockatiels. I want to get a baby for training. What is the age that the baby must be?
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Risks giving wooden toys to parrots

I am starting to give my cockatiels wood so they use it as a toy, destroying it. I know there are many toys made out of wood, but isn't it possible for them to get hurt with the splinters if they eat ...
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