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Chinchillas are crepuscular (most active around dawn and dusk) rodents, slightly larger and more robust than ground squirrels.

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Custom Hay Blend/Diet for a small fur-chewing Chinchilla

Pixel the chinchilla lost her cagemate in late Dec. 2019. Before the loss, she was a happy, healthy chin, with a preference for hay over pellets, but would gladly eat both. After the loss, she became ...
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How do I safely bathe a chinchilla in their dust?

I know that chinchillas are NOT allowed to come in contact with a large amount of water, so how do I bathe them in their dust?
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Concerned about allergies: can I give my chinchilla rabbit foods or treats?

I have read that pine shavings are generally considered safe for animals, but not as safe for chinchillas. This link says that aspen also isn't good for some chinchillas - "Spruce is an another ...
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How can I safely transport a chinchilla on a 15 hour car ride?

Long story short, I have a chinchilla that I have to transport with me on a 16 hour car ride. And because things are never that simple, I have my two cats with me as well. I'm probably going to break ...
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What's the best way to introduce a chinchilla to a household with cats?

My wife has a chinchilla that she will eventually be bringing home. We have two cats that are well behaved, but I want to make sure they're introduced properly so that I can make sure everyone gets ...
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