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Handling my chameleon

I have had my chameleon for around a month now. When I first got her I was told to leave her in her enclosure for two days before handling her. After the two days had passed I went to pick her up and ...
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What should I have in my chameleon enclosure?

I have a 6 month old Yemen Chameleon, she is doing well and is perfectly healthy. In my enclosure I have a large log that goes diagonal from one corner to the other. I then have leaves wrapped around ...
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Why is my chameleon's mouth staying open on one side?

It looks like her mouth is going to one side. I don't know what to do. She has never been injured that we are aware of. She always stays in her cage, and she is able to eat. What do you recommend?
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Why might Chameleons die soon after being brought home?

A co-worker mentioned they bought a Chameleon but after that weekend said it died. This week she got another one and said that it also died, this time within 4 hours of being brought home. Is this a ...
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Chameleon has swelling on hind legs, what could be the cause of this? Metabolic bone disease or something else?

I recently purchased a juvenile male veiled chameleon. He has small swellings on the back of his hind legs which I fear could be symptoms of metabolic bone disease. Any help? I've seen a lot of ...
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