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Enclosed outdoor space intended to give cats a safe space where they can still have some outdoor exposure

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4 votes
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What is the minimum space to keep a cat in an outdoor enclosure?

I was wondering what the minimum space requirement is for keeping a cat? I was thinking of rescuing another cat and keeping it in my bedroom because my dad is allergic to cats, but it still would be ...
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4 votes
2 answers

a cheap catio (cat's patio)

New style of cat-love, give them a taste of the outdoors, but safely. Extend their territory. Will chicken wire be adequate? And how do I attach it to brick-work? I am a tenant, so must not damage ...
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How to let an indoor cat have some outdoors time safely?

I have two indoor cats that have an abundance of energy and some behavior problems. I have read that allowing the cats outside occasionally can help with this behavior. Additionally, both cats ...
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