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Are 'marbled' feline eyes normal, or a sign of disease?

The picture of Tiki's eyes (a tabby cat aged, maybe, 10 to 14) shows that her eyes are 'marbled', that is to say overall green but with an irregular pattern of brown 'marbling'. I know that patches ...
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German Shepherd with horrible smelling oral tumor

Our German Shepherd has had this growing tumor for a year and half. It has grown so big and has destroyed her teeth and the inside of her mouth. The tumor smells SO BAD we don’t know what to do. ...
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If I were to get a labrador retreiver, would it suffer from diseases?

I looked at a website, but I wasn't sure. It says that it can suffer from cancer. I just want to make sure if that is correct. Also, does it have any other issues?
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What is the percent of rats that survive mammary tumor surgery?

Last week I noticed a growth on my rats chest. I got her into the vet and they said it was a mammary tumor. One option is to let it take its course and manage pain through medications and eventually ...
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I'm looking at adopting a cat that had basal cell carcinoma

I would like to adopt a cat with basal cell carcinoma. The shelter's vet removed the tumor and had it tested, it was benign. As far as they know the cat is cancer-free now, am I assuming more risk ...
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Dog cancer treatment options

I have a really old dog, about fourteen or so, covered in tumors. I got her when I was four. I'm 18 now. She's gotten progressively worse lately. As in, within the past month or so, new tumors have ...