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My dog is not eating her food

My dog only likes human food, but I can't give her it, because she vomits. If she doesn't get human food, she won't eat, and is sick, because she weighs 10,5 kg and she should weigh from 16 to 22 kg. ...
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Can a cat cut its tongue on an open food can's edge?

It would be really convenient and save money, to let my cat "Mucca" clean her wet cat food cans with her tongue - but I'm afraid she might [at least eventually] cut her tongue on the edge of ...
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Is it common to feed cats only 1 brand/flavor of canned/dry food for their live?

I was wondering what the general consensus here is. Do people tend to feed their cats a single brand/flavor of dry/wet food, or is it usually recommended to switch between flavours to give them some ...
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How to get kitten used to wet food (transition from BARF)?

TL;DR at bottom. I've been posting a lot lately, as I've gotten a new kitten. I'm told by the previous owner, that she is used to dry food and BARF, apparently. A week or so after bringing her home, I ...
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Is it correct that processed cat food makes cats unable to eat natural food?

I heard that if you feed cats processed cat food for a period of time, their palate/stomach will be unable to eat natural food again (meat, rat, etc). Is that correct?
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My kitten doesn't pee - should I worry?

I have a two and half months female kitten for 3 days. She doesn't enjoy dry food so far so she's eating primarily wet food - from can or pouches, but I started mixing them with dry food. I think her ...
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Cat will eat normal tuna but not tuna cat food

My cat is 14 and has had some health troubles for a few years, off and on. We've mostly been able to manage it. But it has often resulted in needing to adjust his diet - either because what he is ...
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Should cats eat "huge" animals?

I'm going to ask a question I wondered with my dad. It was raised because I believe several things related to my cat, mostly when I heard a little from the vet, a little from the friends, a little ...
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Cats and kittens won't eat their age-appriopiate food

I take care of four cats, two three-year-olds and two 5 months old kittens. I feed them all wet feed. The kittens receive special feed suited for their age. The old and young cats eat in different ...
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7 votes
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Is it possible to feed a cat a healthy meat diet?

I was given 3 kittens by a friend whose cat had a litter. Not wanting to separate them, I took all 3. They were great kittens, they played, they loved the house and they seemed healthy. 2 boys and 1 ...
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Should I add water to wet food to provide extra hydration?

I haven't seen my kitten-cats drinking much water lately. While they get hydration from their wet food, I'm not sure if it's necessarily enough for optimal health. I'm considering just adding a bit ...
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1 answer

Could you add catnip to cat food (canned or dry) to get my cats to eat it?

Can or should you add catnip to dry or moist cat food to get your cat to eat it? Should you even try to do so? If not, are there any substitutions that you can recommend? Granted not all cats like ...
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2 answers

My dog will not accept meal from anyone other than me

I have a dog mix, Jack Russel Terrier / Chihuahua, about 3 years old. I feed her meal which is a mix of kibble and can on her plate in the evening. I have begun to notice that she will only eat it if ...
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How can I add fiber into my cat's diet?

My cat seems to be having.....digestion issues. He's a 6 month old black domestic short hair. He tends to splatter it everywhere and drag it along his long butt fur all over my apartment. He's a ...
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Newly adopted cat won't eat

I just adopted an adult cat three days ago from a shelter. They didn't know how old she was because she came in as a stray. If I had to guess she is 3-5 years old. When we offer her food she won't ...
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Cat extremely finicky. At the end of my rope!

My 2 year old female tabby has been getting more and more finiky over the last year. We usually feed her canned wet food twice a day at the same times every day, then leave a measured amount of dry ...
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Switching from set times for feeding to free feeding of a cat

My cat Shiloh I believe the amount of food the vet recommended is not enough for him, I picked him up tonight and he is losing weight. The amount the vet said to use was to maintain, so it is failing ...
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