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Bonding is the about the relationship between two or more lives. Often referring to a tight bond as in "A Bonded Pair".

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How to rebond rabbits without fighting?

Short version: If you have rabbits that have been bonded for near a decade but start to fight because one of them has been sick and there were strange rabbits in the house at the time, how do you get ...
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Is there hope cats will be friends after lukewarm start?

I have a one-year-old British Blue boy called Sausage. He is neutered and very calm, sweet, affectionate, and social. I had always planned to get him a companion as he gets along well with everyone ...
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Accidentally bonded and bred sibling rabbits....what do I do? Will the doe ever accept a different buck?

I purchased two young does (sisters) and a buck (unrelated) from an experienced Standard Rex shower/breeder back in March. I was just starting in rabbits and didn't know a whole lot, but was told you ...
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Should i get a new companion for my rat or? (Graphic)

So i got 3 bonded pet rats, over the past week, 2 of the three killed and ate the smallest rat, (i had thought he escaped for 4 days)(iv had them for 7 months) who had trouble putting on weight (fed ...
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Wanting to breed my rabbit once and then get them fixed, but is it possibly to then later slowly intergrate them all back together?

I have 2 female and 2 male rabbits and I want to breed them. The thing is, I only want to breed them one time and then get them all fixed, but I'm scared that if I wait and breed them afterwards, I ...
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Arthropods That Bond

I like arthropods a lot and enjoy keeping them, but most seem to be indifferent to humans or hate them, so are their any species of pet arthropods that enjoy interacting with humans and will bond with ...
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Cat biting me, seems odd

So my cat has a strong bond with me. But I notice sometimes he will give me a love bite when I scratch his back or pet his belly. More often it happens when I scratch him. Why does he give me a love ...
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What can I do to help my mouse be more tame?

So I just got this mouse exactly one week ago today. A couple days ago after the 3-4 day period of course I started the bonding and taming process. In this period I have successfully had him come ...
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Two kittens won't get along

I have two kittens, a male and a female about the same age. They seem to spend all their time chasing each other around, then when they get close, they hiss and swat a bit then go back to chasing. ...
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Kayaking Cat Conundrum

Backstory If you view my profile and peruse some of my recent questions, you will be able to figure out that a year ago I adopted a kitten that was quite different from what I had ever known before. ...
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Helping dog recover from death of his brother

Two dogs. Both adopted when they were puppies from a rescue organization roughly 9 years ago. Dogs grew up together, slept together in a large dog bed, pretty much best of friends entire life. Few ...
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How do I let my dog know I'm not going to hurt her

I just recently got a puppy, and the training has been going very bad. It has been 3 weeks and she won't potty outside unless I coax her into it. My mom told me to rub her face in pee and spank her ...
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My rabbit just died but she leaves behind a bonded sister of 7 years. How can I help her cope?

My rabbit just died but she leaves behind a bonded sister of 7 years. The rabbit who died has always been interested and friendly with us but her sister has always been very tentative and shy with ...
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So I am looking into getting a young rabbit but i have 4 cats

So i want a young rabbit and i have 4 cats and one of them is 2 years old and is very hyper he loves to jump and play and attacks the other 3 cats. Should I get a 3 month old bunny with a cat like him?...
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Introducing male rabbit to girl rabbit

We have a rabbit that is about 7 years old and we haven't had another rabbit with her, her entire life. Could this be a potential problem if one could be older than the other considering the girl ...
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Rabbit integration tips & tricks?

I am currently trying (and failing miserably) to integrate my two outdoor rabbits. My first rabbit (Diego) is a neutered male 1 year old Lionhead, he is very friendly, confident and usually very well ...
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If cats were introduced too quickly, can the process be started over?

I messed up and introduced a new female 7 yr old cat to my male 8 yr old cat.. They were doing fairly well, a few hisses but tolerating each other for the first few days, then my husband was ...
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How to Reduce Hissing, Fighting and Aggression Between Two Cats

Our house has become the temporary home for my daughters two cats. They have been with us for about 2 1/2 months and everything seemed to going along fine. During this initial time our daughter and ...
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How To Introduce Additional Clownfish

I've had two clownfish for 6 - 8 months, one orange/white and one black/white. Now I'm trying to add more, but meeting heavy resistance. I realize that you can't mix species but I always thought ...
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How does the emotional bond to a pet compare to the emotional bond to a child?

We are a childless couple who have pets, as with many pet parents, the pets are a primary focus of our lives. When illness or death strikes it can be emotionally devastating. Emotions are somewhat ...
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