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2 votes
1 answer

Is an Australian Wolf Spider bite dangerous, particularly to small dogs?

In my backyard I have started to discover more and more, what appears to be "Wolf Spiders" - I know there are many many species of these, so for reference, my location is Western Australia. ...
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3 answers

What animal can be kept in a tank just under 3 gallons?

I recently had a pet beetle larvae pass away, leaving me with an empty tank. Seeing the empty tank just sitting there makes me pretty sad, so I was wondering if it was a good size for anything else. ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Is it safe for cat to eat poisonous spider?

In my home some small jumping spiders as well as those small spiders with long legs hanging from from spider net are there. My cat stalks and eats them. The process goes on for half an hour. She ...
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Are there native web building spiders in North America that can be domesticated?

This question flows from a couple of previous questions 1, 2 about pet(s) to control insect pests in the home. One comment in particular caught my attention, and lead to me asking this. Is there web ...
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11 votes
2 answers

How can one treat a Hobo spider that was mildly exposed to bug barrier?

While this might sound weird, I take the opposite approach to spiders as most people I know. While poisonous, they are extremely beneficial and help keep down insect and bug populations. While ...
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Are non-dangerous spiders (to humans) dangerous to dogs?

I am fortunate to live an area were we have few spiders that have venom potent enough to be dangerous to humans, however, my yard seems to support a significant spider population of various species, ...
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