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Aquatic plants that are kept with fish, amphibians, or other pets. Questions are generally about how they affect some aspect of the pet's care, behavior, or health; or vice-versa. If the question could be asked without any reference to the pet itself, it's probably off-topic.

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How can I prevent my plants from getting eaten too fast?

I've got a huge problem with my fish and plants. They eat them too rapidly. Put in 5 plants yesterday afternoon. Today they are half eaten already. Mostly, the sword bearers are responsible. Eaters ...
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How to encourage an aquarium plant to carpet on it's own?

I have a small 10 gallon planted aquarium with Staurogyne repens as the main plant. My long-term goal is to have the S. repens cover most of the substrate. The substrate in my aquarium is organic soil ...
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Completely Self Sustaining Aquatic Environment in a Sealed Jar

I recently got the idea into my head to create an entirely self sustaining aquatic environment in a (large) sealed jar. I'd like to include: A layer of soil and gravel at the bottom A large number ...
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Flourish Excel melting my hair grass and ludwigia

Folks, I got a nano-tank setup of 6 gallon (around 23 liters), in which I got: Tall Grass (Eleocharis Vivipara) Ludwigia Mini Dwarf Hair Grass (Eleocharis Acicularis) For the first 3 weeks I didn't ...
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Is my Amazon sword flowering?

I have a mature Amazon sword in a 60L tropical tank which recently shot out a single stem with no leaves. It has now reached the surface of the tank, and extended out 2" above the water line. Is ...
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Dark (rotting?) spots on my aquarium plants?

I am def a noobie at all of this so apologies. I'm getting dark (rotting?) spots on my plant. I actually had some more earlier but I trimmed them as that's what I'm familiar with in the non-aquarium ...
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Does anyone know this aquatic plant?

Does anyone know this plants? And will it grow sideways?
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