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Photosynthetic microorganisms that grow in wet environments. Algae are not plants, but large growths can sometimes resemble them superficially. Pet owners may encounter algae as a cosmetic nuisance, a food source for herbivores, a water quality problem, or even symbiotic growth within an animal (most often corals). This tag will often be used in the context of an aquarium or pond, but not exclusively.

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How do I eliminate the black algae from my planted aquarium?

My aquarium has live plants with a betta, hatchet fish, barbs, a cory, and a Siamese algae eater. Black algae is growing on the decorations and glass. I scraped it off the glass. What else should I ...
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How to remove green bacteria algae from aquarium?

How to remove green bacteria algae from aquarium? Reasons for their bloom might be location of the aquarium close to a window with direct impact of sunlight and/or too high values of PO43- (phosphate) ...
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How do I know if there is too much algae in an outdoor fish pond or pot?

This question Would my fish benefit from snails in their pot pond? asks about having snails in a fish pond/pot to reduce algae. My fish are happily living in a outdoor ceramic pots, approx 80cm high ...
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How to remove the red algae in reef tank

We have had our reef tank for about a month and a couple of weeks. For the last two weeks we get red algae on our live sand; after we remove them, they reappear after less than two hours. Attached ...
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UV film on fish tank

I have moved in to a new condo. The only place for the 40 gal. tank is across the room from the picture window (facing north, no sun). I Am now having a problem with algae that was not present before....
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Algae will not go away!!!! And snails, too!

Images, regional, and general info: Image 1: Strands of dark-green algae are attached to the bottom and floating in the air; algae all over the plants. Image 2: Over-rich substrate? When I hold the ...
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Fish tank keeps becoming cloudy with a green tint

My friend texted me that her 30 gallon (around 114 liters) fish tank keeps becoming cloudy. She has eight small fish in the tank, which means that her tank is not overcrowded. She told me that after a ...
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