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Photosynthetic microorganisms that grow in wet environments. Algae are not plants, but large growths can sometimes resemble them superficially. Pet owners may encounter algae as a cosmetic nuisance, a food source for herbivores, a water quality problem, or even symbiotic growth within an animal (most often corals). This tag will often be used in the context of an aquarium or pond, but not exclusively.

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Green water after refilling dry tank with no fish

Several months ago, I moved to new city and had to drain my 20-gallon tank and give away my fish. The tank sat empty (aside from the gravel) for several months. Last week, I decided to fill it back up,...
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Completely Self Sustaining Aquatic Environment in a Sealed Jar

I recently got the idea into my head to create an entirely self sustaining aquatic environment in a (large) sealed jar. I'd like to include: A layer of soil and gravel at the bottom A large number ...
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How to get rid of black hair algae?

My aquarium is infested; it's on the plant leaves/pebbles/glass. I tried to remove everything manually but it soon bloomed again, big water changes, shortening the lighting time, but no success. It ...
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