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Photosynthetic microorganisms that grow in wet environments. Algae are not plants, but large growths can sometimes resemble them superficially. Pet owners may encounter algae as a cosmetic nuisance, a food source for herbivores, a water quality problem, or even symbiotic growth within an animal (most often corals). This tag will often be used in the context of an aquarium or pond, but not exclusively.

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Algae will not go away!!!! And snails, too!

Images, regional, and general info: Image 1: Strands of dark-green algae are attached to the bottom and floating in the air; algae all over the plants. Image 2: Over-rich substrate? When I hold the ...
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How to get rid of black hair algae?

My aquarium is infested; it's on the plant leaves/pebbles/glass. I tried to remove everything manually but it soon bloomed again, big water changes, shortening the lighting time, but no success. It ...
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Fish tank keeps becoming cloudy with a green tint

My friend texted me that her 30 gallon (around 114 liters) fish tank keeps becoming cloudy. She has eight small fish in the tank, which means that her tank is not overcrowded. She told me that after a ...
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Best Brown Algae Eaters for Freshwater

I have brown algae growing in my tank and I was wondering if Cory Catfish could clean it. If they could not, what other fish, besides shrimp and plecos, could clean the algae? Just a note, my tank is ...
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How do I remove hair algae from my fish tank?

I have a 5-gallon tank that has a betta, a few live plants, and a hiding place that I have had up and running since August, the fish has been in there since September. A few weeks after adding the ...
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How to reduce excess micro-algae in pond

I have a small pond (I don't really know the volume, maybe 400 liters) with goldfish inside, they seem healthy with no apparent problem. The pond is constantly invaded by micro-algae that cannot be ...
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Black algae all over tank after 6 months [duplicate]

I started a planted tank with Monte Carlo. Everything was fine till first 4 months and the carpet was also coming up well. But after that black algae started to come all over the substrate and leaves. ...
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What is this whitish goo in my newly set up tank?

I set up my first tank (50 liters cube) about 4 days ago. It's quite high-tech: CO2 injector Macro + Micro fertilizers 6h / day lightning I added some aquarium starter fluid Decent filter with a ...
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Would a small amount of bottled water mixed in with an aquarium harm the fish?

This is kind of urgent - I'm watching someone's dogs currently because that is what I am experienced in but they also have an aquarium. I have little to know experience with fish and I did warn the ...
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Green water after refilling dry tank with no fish

Several months ago, I moved to new city and had to drain my 20-gallon tank and give away my fish. The tank sat empty (aside from the gravel) for several months. Last week, I decided to fill it back up,...
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Plants for dirty/algae ridden goldfish aquarium

I have a 20 gallon (70 liters) freshwater aquarium with two comets, which are now about 2 inches each. The aquarium gets dirty with algae covering the glass and all the plants very quickly after ...
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Completely Self Sustaining Aquatic Environment in a Sealed Jar

I recently got the idea into my head to create an entirely self sustaining aquatic environment in a (large) sealed jar. I'd like to include: A layer of soil and gravel at the bottom A large number ...
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Green water in aquarium

So my 45 gallon tank water has a greenish tinge to it. I assume its algae, as I put it below a window. Even with the blinds closed, Im sure it gets some sunlight causing the algae to grow. I got a ...
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UV film on fish tank

I have moved in to a new condo. The only place for the 40 gal. tank is across the room from the picture window (facing north, no sun). I Am now having a problem with algae that was not present before....
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Is this white hair algae?

So I have started a small nano planted tank. Super ambitious I know. I failed once and now I am going for it a second time with some new plants and doing waters change almost every day. Currently I ...
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Get rid of green dust algae in aquarium

So I have had green dust algae on the walls of my planted aquarium for about a year's time, and I have tried a lot of different things, but no matter what, it keeps returning. I have tried: large ...
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How to remove green bacteria algae from aquarium?

How to remove green bacteria algae from aquarium? Reasons for their bloom might be location of the aquarium close to a window with direct impact of sunlight and/or too high values of PO43- (phosphate) ...
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How can I get rid of string algae that's inside java moss?

The last batch of plants that I ordered came with a surprise supply of string algae. So now it's growing on top of all my plants in the tank. I've been trying everything I can to get rid of it. The ...
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Crimson colored growth in saltwater tank?

Today I notices some dark red growth on inside my aquarium. Any idea what this is?
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Red algae in my tank

I have found some red algae last night in my tank. I'm looking for possible cause and also a way to kill it. I have shrimp and fish in that tank, so no chemicals if possible. My water parameters are ...
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How to remove the red algae in reef tank

We have had our reef tank for about a month and a couple of weeks. For the last two weeks we get red algae on our live sand; after we remove them, they reappear after less than two hours. Attached ...
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How do I eliminate the black algae from my planted aquarium?

My aquarium has live plants with a betta, hatchet fish, barbs, a cory, and a Siamese algae eater. Black algae is growing on the decorations and glass. I scraped it off the glass. What else should I ...
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Which South American fish will keep pygmy chain sword plants clean?

I have a new tank (40 gallon long) that's just finished cycling. I've had plants in there for a few weeks already and they're doing well overall, but are starting to show some real algae build-up. In ...
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How do I know if there is too much algae in an outdoor fish pond or pot?

This question Would my fish benefit from snails in their pot pond? asks about having snails in a fish pond/pot to reduce algae. My fish are happily living in a outdoor ceramic pots, approx 80cm high ...
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How to remove the algae from the glass of an aquarium?

I have an aquarium and it has algae on the glass. The algae is somehow so attached to the glass that I´m afraid I'd scratch the glass if I tried to clean it using some hard plastic. How can I remove ...
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