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Growth rate of Caucasian Shepherd Dogs

Starting from this question I have another one: what is the growth rate of Caucasian Shepherd Dogs? I think I am interested in the following details, as a minimum: Size / weight at birth (mostly for ...
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Another New Turtle

Someone gave me a baby turtle. I'm not sure if they have been taking care of it. I need to know if it's a male or female? Also, when I placed it in water it just floated. So I took it out and layed ...
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Cat weight guide for Russian Blue

I have recently bought a Russian blue kitten. According to the breeder, she is 3 months old (well, 3 1/2 now). Last week, when i brought her to the vet for a check, the vet was baffled. She said that ...
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We found a dove. How do we care for it?

We found one dove from outside so I want to know how old this bird is and what I can do for it? I searched the internet and, based on it's photo shown below, I think it must be an adult. This link ...
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Is my cat healthy, ill, or just getting older?

My cat is 5 years old. She is a very friendly cat, playful, and seems very normal, but she is very skinny. She eats and drinks regularly, goes to the bathroom normally, and gets plenty of fresh air. ...
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At what age do ginger cats start having black whiskers?

I have an adopted ginger tabby male cat who was found somewhere and his age was estimated by the shelter to be about 4 years old. You may notice that when your cat was young, their whiskers were ...
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How old is my kitten?

I've found this kitten beside me when I was sleeping (I don't even know whose cat this is) and now I've decided to become part of the family, but I need to determine the age of the kitten. Any ...
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What is an ideal age gap for between parrot friends?

I have a 9-month old Indian Ringneck parrot. I plan to get more parrots in the future (most likely smaller parrots). I am most likely to wait until he is 2 to get another parrot, but that is uncertain....
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How do I determine if this rodent is an adult or baby?

My neighbors found a tiny rodent in their garage and my kids are looking after it. They looked up on the internet that the best would be a surrogate mother (don't know of any); wildlife rehabilitators ...
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Is my pet tortoise's size normal for his age?

I own a 10 month old marginated tortoise who is 6cm long and 3cm wide is that normal?
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When is the best age to get a baby parrot?

Most people I suppose will get a parrot when it is still a baby. What is a good age to sell them and what age are considered cut off ages for proper bonding?
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How old should bearded dragons be when you adopt them?

So we know that it's bad to get dogs and cats when they're younger than 8 weeks old, but what about bearded dragons? Is there a certain age that you should wait for your bearded dragon to be before ...
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Does age matter when adopting a cat (if you already own a cat)?

If I already have a cat (or a kitten), and I want to get another to keep it company. Say the cat I have already is a couple years old, is it okay for me to get a new kitten? Or the other way around? ...
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At what age can I consider that my dog is an adult?

Unlike humans, there is no legislation that says that at insert-local-legal-age-here a dog becomes an adult. However, there is a lot of information (mostly on food) that is different depending on if ...
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How do I determine the age of my turtle?

I recently adopted a yellow-bellied slider, and the people who had her said that they had been keeping her for about 10 years, when they adopted her from a rescue house. I don't know how old she was ...
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How old is my non-kitten, non-senior cat?

What do people look for when estimating the age of a cat who is full-grown and not yet obviously elderly? Both of my cats came from a shelter and the shelter's age estimates differed significantly ...
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