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Should I put a collar on my indoor cat?

I have a very strictly indoor cat, that has tried to dart outside a couple of times and sometimes succeeded, only making it to the edge of our patio before we caught him. My absolute worst nightmare ...
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Are there breeds of dogs that don't require walking them?

Every dog I've heard of so far has to be walked. Yet every cat I've heard of doesn't. They can just take care of themselves outside and you don't need to worry about them. Are there breeds of dogs ...
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How to leash train a rabbit?

I would like to be able to leash train my rabbit so its easier to travel with her, and to take her out to parks and such (under careful supervision). I've seen footage of rabbits in showjumping ...
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What are the risks to my cat from eating wildlife?

It is well known that cats like to hunt and eat wildlife like birds and mice. Cats can have a significant impact on wildlife, but I want to know what the impact to the cat is from consuming the ...
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Is it safe to let my cat walk on the roof?

I have a cat, who is 8 months old and occasionally climbs out the window to the roof. Is it safe to let my cat wander on the roof?
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My cat stops functioning when I put a harness on him. How can I get him more comfortable in it so that I can take him outside?

My cat really wants to get outside, he sits by the door meowing and has been chattering at all the birds outside as well. The problem is that I live in a heavily wooded area, and know that there are ...
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What percentage of "lost" cats are actually eaten?

Cats are often allowed to roam outdoors unsupervised where a dog would not be. I recently saw a craigslist ad about a cat missing for 8 years. My boy has been missing almost 8 years now and were ...
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How do you socialize a bunny that has been locked in a cage for many years with very little socialization?

My grandma has had an unwanted bunny for about 4 years now. He is very skittish and not friendly because he has never been socialized. I was wondering if there's still hope for him and if he can be ...
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What height of ex-pen for grass training a puppy?

A rough-coated collie puppy will be joining our family soon. Our plan for outdoor elimination is to place the puppy (only when elimination is imminent) in an ex-pen to keep the young pup contained ...
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Would my work schedule rule out getting a dog?

I have been thinking about getting a dog (a medium or large breed - most likely large), as I have always wanted one, and my daughter wants one. I live in north-central Florida, where we have hot ...
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Can domestic rabbits carry diseases if left outdoors for too long then brought in?

I have a domestic rabbit that we have raised - we have a large, gated backyard. He has since lived in the backyard for months, somewhat free. We feed him daily. He has become hard to catch. I bathed ...
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