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How can I mark my own territory and communicate this to my pet rabbit? [duplicate]

So we got a holland lop rabbit a few weeks ago second hand from another couple. He's been great so far, but I've been reading online about communicating with my rabbit by mimicking his own behavior, ...
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How to stop cat from going to a risky area

A year ago, my cat had broken her leg (two compound fractures) after she fell off the balcony (7 stories). Miraculously she survived and lived two months with a bandage. Me and my girlfriend were ...
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How much space does a rabbit need to live comfortably?

Currently I have no rabbits, but I'm doing some research on rabbit care, and the most important factor for my small apartment is how much space a rabbit should have. I don't want it to live in factory-...
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Why can't my rabbit lift it's head?

Thursday started normally: 6:00 AM each of 5 upstairs bunnies getting personal grooming. 9:00 AM everyone in for nap time. 10:00 AM Lyra (3 years old) is very sick, can not lift her head, call to ...
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Can house rabbits have free access to the whole house all the time?

I am thinking about getting a rabbit and during my research I learned about bunny proofing, litter boxes, and have heard about cages for the bunnies and that they need to room to run. There seems to ...
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How do I care for a quadriplegic rabbit?

In this related question I document the events that lead up to the quadriplegia in my rabbit. There are several potential causes with classifications like Head-down syndrome or Floppy rabbit syndrome ...
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How to put rabbit in cage without scratching me?

We've had our rabbit for just over a week, he is 15 weeks old. Handling him is going well, except when I put him back in his cage. He is scared and kicks out, which I've learnt to handle by holding ...
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Buying new rabbits, unsure if they need neutering

So I'm going to be getting two new male rabbits (from young ages) and was wondering if it is best to neuter? I don't want them fighting and then having to separate them. Although I had an un-neutered ...
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Why does my rabbit try and make my bed wrinkle free?

Ruby is a 3 year old English spot, she lives in our bedroom. I don't have video but I did find a couple of videos online, they show a little of the behavior. I have talked to others who's bunnies ...
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Can a bunny register the dangers of falling?

I live in a two-floor apartment and I'm trying to free roam my bunny. However, our stairs spiral upwards and have minimum railing (only 4 horizontal poles), so it would be easy for a rabbit to fall ...
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Bunny pees on bed

I live in a small two rooms apartment (living room + bedroom) with my girlfriend. We adopted a two-years-old rabbit in September and, after the first two weeks, he is a very easy-going rabbit: he ...
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What to do with a bonded domestic rabbit and a cottontail

Last summer my one of my female rabbits bonded with a male cottontail rabbit. Before I was able to catch her, they would hand out nightly in the neighbors driveway. This went on for a few months. I ...
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Grumpy house rabbit who is hiding under my cabnet

One of my rabbits is always under my cabinet and I can't get him out of there. I have tried hiding up the gap so he can not get under there and provide more hides for him but he is always under there. ...
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So I am looking into getting a young rabbit but i have 4 cats

So i want a young rabbit and i have 4 cats and one of them is 2 years old and is very hyper he loves to jump and play and attacks the other 3 cats. Should I get a 3 month old bunny with a cat like him?...
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Can domestic rabbits carry diseases if left outdoors for too long then brought in?

I have a domestic rabbit that we have raised - we have a large, gated backyard. He has since lived in the backyard for months, somewhat free. We feed him daily. He has become hard to catch. I bathed ...
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