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what makes the baby rabbit get swollen stomach and at what stage do one separate them from their mother? [duplicate]

am having seventeen baby rabbit and two left now. I have lost fifteen. please what is the course?
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Do Rabbits Inbreed?

I understand that rabbits quickly reproduce, but when a litter is born, is there a possibility that a male and a female from the same litter will reproduce?
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Can I put 2 different batches of baby rabbits together

I have 2 does and one buck, both does are pregnant and I want to put them together with their kits. I have 1 huge cage because I want to put the baby rabbits in there with their moms. Will that be ...
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Why are my Baby bunnies Dying?

I adopted two male rabbits from a friend of mine. (Her children were over them). I have had them all winter (In Wyoming) and they have been great. 3 weeks ago I found a baby bunny in the bottom of the ...
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My rabbit just had babies and they are dying. What can I do?

I'm wondering what I am doing wrong. The mother, who is two years old, was in the great condition for giving babies. But, the babies started dying when they were 1 week old. The litter was 3 kits, and ...
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Buying new rabbits, unsure if they need neutering

So I'm going to be getting two new male rabbits (from young ages) and was wondering if it is best to neuter? I don't want them fighting and then having to separate them. Although I had an un-neutered ...
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Is there a breed of rabbit that doesn't grow more than the size of a hand?

A pet shop owner has a litter of tiny bunnies (maybe mini lop/lion head crosses) and she is claiming that they will remain that size into adulthood. She says that they were imported from Holland. Can ...
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What can I do about this injury of my rabbit?

Our Rex rabbit has recently become pregnant and had a miscarriage. She still keeps plucking fur on the back of her neck like she is still making a nest. She has plucked her fur so much she caused a ...
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My bunny had babies, what should I do?

So I recently got a free bunny from someone that found it out in the street. When we received it my dad thought it was really big and could possibly be pregnant. We let it roam around the house freely ...
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How to appease a rabbit separated from his pregnant companion?

Shortly after we realized our second "buck" was pregnant we had to separate her from her hubby. Now every time we check on them the buck's on the floor outside her cage trying to groom her through ...
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