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I have a new 7 week old kitten and a 1 year old cat. My cat has come to the point where she will clean my kitten (when he lets her) and plays with him. My kitten has not been neutered yet. When they ...
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Older kitten (4 months) bullying younger kitten (2 months) [duplicate]

I had a 4 months old black cat (female) named Friday. Bold and adaptable. Long-ish haired unknown breed. I just got a 2 months old Siamese kitten. Kind of skittish, male. The older kitten is ...
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Introducing 2 Cats Of Same Age (keeps fighting) [duplicate]

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How can I make my cats from stop fighting? [duplicate]

I have two cats. The elder one is quite polite but the younger one do not like my other cat and always tries to fight. She do not even let my elder cat to eat food or sleep. What should I do in such a ...
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Is it ok to adopt a kitten if you have a murderous cat?

So my sister wants to adopt a little kitten that is roughly 3 weeks old. My fear is, our cat is somewhat of a murderer. He just kills for fun and not eating. You may see him hunt a rat, slash the ...
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Recommendations for introducing kittens to adult cats

We have two older cats and are considering getting a couple of kittens. Our cats are on the older side, 15 years, but are still active and spunky. If we did bring in some kittens, what are some ...
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How much dominance is normal in 2 cats at play?

I have 2 cats; one is young (8 months) and the other is 1.5 years old. During play, the older cat always takes the role of the chaser and the younger cat always runs away. I had read somewhere that ...
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How to get cats to coexist in peace?

My cat is a big neutered male and my sister's cat is a small female. Both cats are three years old. When my sister is away on holidays I have to take care of both cats. Unfortunately, they hiss at ...
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How do we handle two female cats in the household demonstrating alpha behavior?

Our oldest cat, Orla, has always been an alpha queen. She insists on getting fed first, claims a dominant position in the bed at night (right between my wife and I, in the middle of the bed), and had ...
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Why are my cats fighting with each other?

I have two male cats of over a year. They used to play well with each other, up to the age of 8 months, but slowly they became enemies and now they need to be kept separate. I've seen more than a ...
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How can I encourage two cats to get along? [duplicate]

In three days my friend is dropping off his cat so I can watch it for a week while he is on vacation. However, the last time I watched his cat my cat attacked him. These two cats hate each other and ...
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How to stop two male cats from fighting after vet visit

I have two male cats. For a few years they were friends until recently when one was sent to the vet for a couple of days. When he returned, the two suddenly became hostile at each other -- especially ...
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How do I stop 2 stray cats that fight

I have adopted 1 stray cat that fights with another stray cat. I would like to adopt the other stray cat, would that be possible? the cats are both toms and have not been neutered. Is there any ...
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