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Will my pet get sick drinking from the toilet?

Many houses have a room with a large white bowl that is regularly refilled with fresh water. The door is open unless the room is occupied. The bowl holds much more water than any water dish. Unlike ...
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How can I help my cat with chronic congestion and sneezing?

We got our cat as a kitten; she's now 12. When we got her, she had a bad upper respiratory virus. She was so congested at one point, we had to hold her upside-down to get the mucus to drain out of ...
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Can wet food cause gingivitis to cats?

I have just adopted a six month old ginger cat. I have never had any pets before. The rescue from which I adopted the cat, made its cats eat a lot of dry food and about a can of wet food per day (half ...
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Is there a correlation between water bowl and litter box placement?

Historically, my cat's water bowl has always been in the vicinity of his litter box. Not adjacent to it, but close by and in the same room. He has recently adopted the habit of jumping up on the ...
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When moving two cats in with different feeding styles, which should trump the other?

My cat is currently fed on a twice daily schedule. I'm planning on moving him in with another cat who is currently free-fed. My cat will pretty much eat anything in sight, while the free-fed cat will ...
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How often can I mix regular wet food with urinary health dry food?

My cat was forming crystals in his bladder so for the rest of his life I'm to feed him urinary health cat food. My vet had me feed him Royal Canin® Urinary SO Cat Food but after a few bags of it I ...
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Cat is shaking and sleeping

I got a 4 year old Sphynx cat 6 days ago. He’s been sleeping a lot and shaking constantly when he’s awake. I took him to the vet and he said he thinks this is nothing to worry about. I’m concerned as ...
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Is it safe for my cat to drink water which contains fake fish?

I recently watched this video. I couldn't find the original video. The contents are: some glass bowl/cup contains water with these fake swimming fish > cat gets curious > cat dips a paw into ...
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How much water is in wet food?

We have a couple questions about moisture benefits of wet food over dry food. One example is How often can I mix regular wet food with urinary health dry food? the top answer on that question ...
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Cats not drinking enough water [duplicate]

My cats doesn't drink enough water. They both fart usually. We tried to make them drink water usually but it didn't help totally. They both eat dry cat food and milk. What should be done?
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