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Can I take a feral cat with me when I move? [duplicate]

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Moving Feral Cats [duplicate]

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I have been feeding three feral cats for four years

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How to give first aid to treat open wound in kitten?

How to give first aid to treat open wound in kitten? The kitten has hurt herself and is bleeding. She is feral and doesn't like being picked, so it's not possible to get her to vet.
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moving with a stray cat [duplicate]

About a year ago a sweet female cat started showing up on our patio. She took a few days to warm to us but was soon sitting in our laps and asking for pets. We were able to eventually move her indoors ...
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How do I move with a colony of ex feral cats who depend on me?

I currently live in an apartment complex and took on the responsibility 3 years ago to tend to what was then 18 cats and has been up to 24 at once. Mostly all were sick and none were fixed - a couple ...
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Six months ago I moved to North Carolina. In august I noticed a beautiful stray with two colored eyes. At first I’d have to throw chicken into the woods for him because he would not come close. Over ...
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