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Why can't my rabbit lift it's head?

Thursday started normally: 6:00 AM each of 5 upstairs bunnies getting personal grooming. 9:00 AM everyone in for nap time. 10:00 AM Lyra (3 years old) is very sick, can not lift her head, call to ...
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Pet Rabbits, Double Pregnacies, and Keeping the Buck in with the Doe

In my limited experience thus far, I have found that my rabbits get along well together and show every sign of enjoying each other's company. So I would very much like to keep my buck in with the ...
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My rabbit just died but she leaves behind a bonded sister of 7 years. How can I help her cope?

My rabbit just died but she leaves behind a bonded sister of 7 years. The rabbit who died has always been interested and friendly with us but her sister has always been very tentative and shy with ...
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Is kitten-rabbit "mating" behavior something to worry about?

We've got a 3 year old neutered male dwarf rabbit and a male kitten who is almost four months old. The kitten isn't neutered yet, but will be before he turns five months old. The cat and the rabbit ...
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Buying new rabbits, unsure if they need neutering

So I'm going to be getting two new male rabbits (from young ages) and was wondering if it is best to neuter? I don't want them fighting and then having to separate them. Although I had an un-neutered ...
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My rabbit is losing fur and weight, what's wrong with him?

My rabbit is about a year and a half old and is neutered. He lives with his brother. For a while now he has been losing fur and he is rather thin. When I bought the rabbits the woman said they were ...
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Unsuccessful rabbit mating [closed]

One of my does pulled fur and built some sort of nest. Its been 13 days but no litter yet. What is the reason for this? Another doe isn't always willing to lift her tail. She has bred before but I ...
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Strategies to prevent a single rabbit from getting lonely when its owners are on holiday?

I've been asked to take care of our neighbors' rabbit again this upcoming summer holiday for two weeks. I also did so last summer, and I think I may have messed that up, and that it got too lonely ...
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What to do with a bonded domestic rabbit and a cottontail

Last summer my one of my female rabbits bonded with a male cottontail rabbit. Before I was able to catch her, they would hand out nightly in the neighbors driveway. This went on for a few months. I ...
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Bunny alone, good idea?

I'm considering adopting a bunny (a small one, lionheart or minilop), the thing is that in Switzerland the law makes it mandatory to own at least 2 bunnies otherwise it's considered as a big issue for ...
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Wanting to breed my rabbit once and then get them fixed, but is it possibly to then later slowly intergrate them all back together?

I have 2 female and 2 male rabbits and I want to breed them. The thing is, I only want to breed them one time and then get them all fixed, but I'm scared that if I wait and breed them afterwards, I ...
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How fast does a rabbit get attached as a pair? [closed]

How fast does a rabbit get attached as a pair? I’d like to separate but not lose a bunny due to loneliness. They have been together in two groups. One having two bunnies and one having three bunnies. ...
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