I was wondering if it would be safe to chill in the fridge--or even freeze in the freezer before giving it to the dog. My guess is that it would either make it brittle and unsafe, or it would become a nice chilly treat for puppy teeth.


If you have decided that feeding rawhide to your dog is appropriate, I don't see why freezing them would be any cause for concern. Many dogs enjoy frozen treats.

There are a couple of lines of thought on if rawhide should be feed to a dog at all, these are addressed in our existing question Are rawhide bones or natural raw bones potentially dangerous for a dog?

I looked around for reference for or against, offering frozen rawhide treats to dogs. I did not find anything different then offering them unfrozen. Frozen hide/leather does not get brittle.


I would not freeze rawhide. Instead, you can make great frozen treats by filling a Kong with wet food or peanut butter and freezing it overnight. This is my pup's favorite frozen snack. If you don't have a Kong, ice cube trays work, too.

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    Why do you not want to freeze the rawhide? Apr 1 '16 at 23:13

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