My dog is over weight, a 39 lb spayed female Beagle. If I have food, she will bark and throw a tantrum, lying on the floor putting her paws over her eyes and basically crying until I say "OK I will give you some if you wait" she then quiets down and waits quietly, I then give her a portion of my food when I'm done. She's not that fat but everyone says she is chunky and it is my fault. Any suggestions?


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Pet stores have many brands of low-calorie dog foods (they typically say they are for older dogs, or less active dogs, rather than having "low-calorie" in the name). You need to stop feeding her people food, or at least cut it way down. You also need to ensure that she gets plenty of exercise.

The best thing is to go to a vet, who can tell you how much she should weigh, recommend a low-calorie dog food, and tell you exactly how much food to give her each day.

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