Something happened to my pet and I know I need to get to the veterinarian as quickly as I can, but my regular veterinarian is closed! What should I do?


Simply call your regular one. Most (if not all) should have an alternative/emergency number on their answering machine, which you should be able to call. If that doesn't work call the directory assistance.


In the UK, while some vet surgeries offer emergency consultations and it is always worth calling up to see if they deal with emergencies, there is a service called Vets Now. They have 53 emergency clinics open across the country, mostly in the Midlands and South of England, open when regular vets are closed.

Alternatively, from the RSPCA website,

Vetfone is a 24-hour service, which works like an NHS Direct for pets, and anyone can call. It is staffed exclusively by UK-qualified veterinary nurses with years of experience.

You can pay upfront or have the call charged to your bill, and the cost is typically less than an initial consultation.

Visit www.vetfone.co.uk for more information.

They will help you decide what the best course of action is, especially if you live too far from a Vets Now clinic, or are unsure if your pet needs an emergency vet.

  • I second the suggestion to call your local spca -- or ask your vet for advice befote an emergency arises. In my area the spca runs one of the best veterinary hospitals I've heard of, with 24 hour emergency coverage.
    – keshlam
    Apr 5 '15 at 2:24

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