Vet today gave our dog 1 injection of Naxcel and prescribed Metronidazol. Can I start giving Metronidazol today or should I wait until tomorrow?


I'm not a vet and it is always important to ask your vet, but both drugs are antibiotic treatments. Normally Naxcel would be administered over a course of many days with daily injections, but can only be administered by a vet. Based on that, it would seem reasonable to presume that if you're not slated for another visit to your vet tomorrow, that the Metronidazol is the carry-on medication and should be administered starting tomorrow for the duration proscribed by the vet.

Sorry to repeat, but this is important, I'm not a vet and I would suggest a call to your vet or an emergency vet clinic to confirm my take on it is wise.

  • Thanks for your answer. Veterinary was closed at that time, that's why I asked. P.S. vet didn't prescribed a course of naxcel daily injections, just an antibiotic.
    – Olga Vys
    Mar 24 '15 at 4:27

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