I have a cat which was born with two bad back legs. Because of this, I'm not allowed to have the cat food high up without some kind of handicap system.

My mother has a small chiwawa about the same size as my cat. The chiwawa tends to eat my cat's food, resulting in her puking it up later. I must find an easy way to allow my cat to eat, without worrying about not being able to access it while preventing the chiwawa from getting to it.

Are there any obstacle courses a cat with 2 bad back legs could traverse but a small chiwawa couldn't? Or maybe something I could put by the food to make sure the dogs can't get to it?

Sadly, putting the food in another room is not an option


Probably not the cheapest solution, but I've heard of different systems that will lock/unlock the food bowl utilizing a collar similar to some pet doors (some even use such doors to begin with).

Googling around, I've found the MeowSpace Cat Feeder, which to be honest looks a bit like some home made solution. I'm not sure that's something for your cat though.

Another system called Wireless Whiskers sounds interesting as well. The open access (not having to crawl through a door) might be better suited for your cat.

Don't necessarily take these two examples as a recommendation. I haven't used either solutions, I've just picked two good examples of both approaches I could find.

  • Surefeed might also be an option depending on where OP lives. – psycoatde Jan 7 '17 at 14:49

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