Could it mean any number of things when my new kitten looks at me and meows a few times, or is there anything specific?

I'm just curious to know what it wants.

It has got food and water and toys.

Does that mean that it's bored?

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    Attention. Could be boredom, could be it wants reassurance, could be many things. Sometimes mine just want to express an opinion on their world, or seem to like the echo...
    – keshlam
    Jan 31 '15 at 2:34

It is bored and looking for stimulation from you. My cats do this all the time.

If it didn't have food, that would be a likely cause.

If it has toys, but the toys are more fun when you're involved, that is a likely cause.

If neither of those, then maybe it wants to be chased, play hide-and-seek, have food thrown, etc. - whatever your cat's personality prefers.

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