I love cows, but I do not know if there are there is any need for cows to have vaccines, whether they're compulsory vaccines or optional vaccines.

If so, which are the schedules for the vaccines?

I would love if someone could give me information for the following table. I ask so I can follow it for my friend's cow and its children. I promise that I will make a printout will give it to all cow-holders of my town. :)

No Category Name of vaccine Duration Once/Repeat
1 Compulsory somename xyz Every Year
2 Optional somename abc Once

Are there any vaccines that are needed for cows living in the Gujarat area in India?


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India Development Gateway has a vaccination schedule for dairy cattle on their website, although I cannot personally verify its accuracy. It is a good idea to ask a local livestock/large animal veterinarian about this, as they will likely know about diseases and conditions specific to your area.

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