Cats have some surprisingly subtle nuances in the ways that they express themselves. From the way they hold their tail, to how they make eye contact, or even how loudly they meow, there are a wide variety of means of communication.

Is there a research-based book anyone could recommend that explains cat social interactions and communication in depth?


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The book I prefer is the Manual of Clinical Behavioral Medicine For Dogs and Cats by Karen L. Overall. It covers a large range of behavioral issues for both species, describes what is normal both for interacting with other animals and humans, documents abnormal/undesirable behavior and provides information and advice on correcting, and finally, provides worksheets to help narrow down issues.

In general, I find it reliable and clear with pictures, charts, and decent structure. It could probably do with a slightly better layout, but it's not too bad and there is plenty of references and citations to studies and further sources of reading. So, generally, I like it. :)

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