Two of my five ghost shrimp are really bloated. They have no trouble staying at the bottom of the tank.

Are they pregnant? What is up?

enter image description here


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If she's pregnant, she will normally hold a clutch of eggs and later the hatched babies below her hind swimmerets.

Example: Pregnant Ghost Shrimp


Um, I have pregnant shrimp, she has really bloated belly, (I have 2 pregnant Sunkists and 1 red cherry) and I check their bellies every day, you may see, (yellow white and various colors for species) small balls and with a thin string attached to the mother, and about 8-24 (Depending on species) also you might notice that they have lost their saddle!


If the belly is bloated, it may be that they are being over-fed. If you see ball shaped specks in the belly, that means they are pregnant. This is a photo of my pregnant sunkist shrimp. my pregnant sunkist shrimp

It hard to see since it’s yellow to yellow but hope this picture helps with understanding how shrimp eggs look like!

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