I bought a small multi for my royal python, as part of a bundle of "let's try her on various things to see which ones she prefers". So far so good, the small mice and rat pups have all gone down a treat over the past few weeks, and she's just eaten the multi nicely.

I went over to my iHerp profile to log it, and the options available included

  • ASF - Adult
  • ASF - Fuzzie
  • ASF - Hopper
  • ASF - Jumbo
  • ASF - Pinks

Google tells me that ASF is an abbreviation for African Soft Furred rodent, which describes what a multimammate is, but are they the same thing?

And if so, then which size on iHerp will correspond to what I bought as a "small" one?


According to my local reptile shop:

Yep. ASF is a multimammate.

He went on to describe the sizes which he stocks:

  • Pinkies - a little bigger than a normal pinkie mouse
  • Small - about the size of a medium to large mouse
  • Large - similar to a small weaner rat
  • A fully grown and pregnant female would equate to a large weaner rat.

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