I have a female cat that is 2-3 years now, she was supposed to be a mother-cat but her kittens sadly died due to them not being able to develop properly.

Just recently I got a new kitten from an adoption center, I'm still unsure if its a girl or a boy but my female cat would constantly hiss or paw the new kitten's face.

As of today, I came home and I saw my female cat licking my new kitten. I found it cute when I saw this, but I found it even more cute when my female cat started biting the new kitten's neck as an attempt to carry the new kitten, but I feel bad for the new kitten because he's meowing loudly like its hurting him.

Should I seperate them? or just leave it be?


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Remember, scruff of the neck is a standard way for cats to move kittens, and they're pretty careful about it. The complaints may be nothing but "hey, sis, I was busy doing something else!"

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