The egg was darker than others and we didn't candle it because we were too worried we might damage the egg further.

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    Welcome at pets.SE! As much as I know, candeling eggs does not damage them. Commented Feb 21, 2023 at 15:34

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Candling an egg will not damage it unless you are using a literal candle and hold it too close. That being said, I'd say you should not use a candle and instead try a flashlight or something that does not involve fire. I do not raise birds, so I don't know much about them, but I did do some research and found a wikihow article about how to do it. There was not anything on egg damage, so I'd assume damage is not a risk.

As for the hard thing inside the egg, I cannot answer that, because it could be a lot of things.


If an egg is rattling, it's a dead egg.

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