My female dog has a small lump on her inner thigh and I don't know what it is. She responds with yelping and squirming when I touch it, and it has recently developed a black tip on it. It is slightly squishy, but mostly hard. It's not a nipple because her other ones are dark brown.

this is a picture of the bump

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    Welcome to pets.SE! If you are in sudden worry about the health of your pet, please do not wait for the answers of strangers from the internet. Instead see a vet, or call and ask if you can send the picture to them. Jan 9, 2023 at 6:01
  • While I am not saying that this is or is not a nipple, it's worth noting that nipples aren't always the same color (even on the same dog). The pigment can be dark or light, just like belly freckles or different fur colors.
    – elbrant
    Mar 3, 2023 at 13:04

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Ultimately it's impossible for us to tell what this is without physical access to the dog. The only one who could tell for sure is a local vet.

The possibilities range from a benign skin tag over an infection to skin cancer.

There's a similar question over at PetCoach and the answer includes:

Be sure to visit your local Veterinarian as soon as possible and request a Fine Needle Aspiration. This will allow your doctor to rule out the presence of any infection or cancerous cells.

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