We have 3 degus at home.

They seem to be happy with their cage, and are allowed to roam free once a day in a closed room, in which every plastic stuff has been removed.

I'd like to find a way for our degus to safely enjoy direct sun, fresh air and fresh grass.

As any other degu, they're very curious and are escape artists. There should be absolutely no way for them to escape to other parts of the building. There should also be no way for birds of prey to attack our degus.

Do you know of any reliable technique to do so?

We have a roof terrace, I was thinking of this procedure:

  • buy a middle-size, metallic bird cage.
  • add a water bottle.
  • add a wooden house for them to hide if necessary.
  • add a wooden plank to the upper part of the cage, so that at least part of the cage is always shadowed.
  • In the closed room, lure the degus into the bird cage, with food or a cardboard tunnel.
  • Close the bird cage once all 3 degus are inside.
  • Bring the cage outside, and leave it on grass, so that the degus can eat flowers through the cage, but not dig.
  • Leave them outside, supervised, and let them sunbath if they want.
  • Bring them back, close the room, open the cage.

Did you ever try something similar? Do you have any better idea?



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