I am looking into getting 4 turtles and liek the idea of them having small coloured bands to represent which ninja turtle they are named after, not sure how I would do this and also not sure whether it would be ok in regards to the ethics and safty of sed turtle.

Thanks, Turtlelover69

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    Apr 9, 2022 at 8:39

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First you need to find a species of turtle, which are okay to live together. Red ear sliders for example are loners and would suffer with 4 together in one enclosure.

Then you need to find a color (imagine it like nail polish) which does not give chemicals to the organism. This you could use to paint the band onto their upper shell. I saw others use turtle friendly color to write their names or phone number onto the shell, to get the turtle back, if it breaks from the garden enclosure.

  • article about the risks of coloring tortoises: paint will decrease the abability of the shell to use sun rays to produce vitamin D (very important for healthy and strong shell and bones). So I would recomment to paint as less space as possible, a small line may be okay.

  • method paper about tracking turtles: "Juvenile turtles were marked with either a transmitter or using dots of water-based nail polish applied to the middle of the costal and vertebral scutes of the carapace (Figure 4-2)"(page 12)

scheme of marking turtles

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