I've checked in at some hotel late at night, some street or neighbor cat entered my room as I was ventilating the room, and decided to stay under the bedframe near the wall. I would like the cat to leave as I need to sleep and don't want the cat to be in the room during my sleep.

The cat is between the bedframe and the wall, at the end of the "tunnel":

enter image description here

tunnel entrance

The only way out is to via where I took the picture. I can't move the bedframe as it is attached to the wall. I don't have pet food or toy with me. I'd prefer not to have to bang on the wall to avoid pissing off the neighbors (it's 5am). How can I motivate the cat to go out?

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    You need to ask one of the people working at the hotel about this. It is likely they know the cat from previous encounters. A cat forced into a corner is dangerous. I know this because my little 16yo angel put four grown women out of commision at the same time (2 vets and 2 assistants) a month ago. Oct 3 at 13:28

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