So I have two blue dream shrimp, I think one male and one female. The female is looking quite a bit rounder around the belly than when I got her. I don't know how old they are so it might just be growth right? But how do I know if she is pregnant? I can find little to no information about pregnant blue dream shrimp, all I find is cherry shrimp or ghost shrimp where it is quite obvious to spot. I only found one article that said, it can be hard to see if darker shrimp are pregnant. So from what I was able to observe she has gotten bigger and rounder but she doesn't use/move her simmerettes much.

Do you have any idea if she is pregnant or if it's just growth?enter image description here

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    You need to look not from above, but from a point of view under the shrimp. Then you would see very small pearls/balls/spheres under the "tail". The shrimp would hold them with its small rear "legs" and by moving this "legs" would give them fresh water from time to time. There would be no "pregnant" in the way, that the eggs would be inside the body of the adult shrimp. The eggs would be outsite like written before. So no "big belly" but visible "something" under the small rear "legs" Aug 5 at 22:01

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