I have a dog who loves to eat dried beef tendons (called dental tendons), but she also has a tendency to vomit soon after finishing one. I suspect this is because they are somewhat too big for her and I would like to try giving her half a tendon to see if that is easier to keep down, but I can't actually cut one in half - I have tried cutting through one with some shears and sawing through it with a steak knife, but I haven't been able to make any real progress. Is there any way to cut these into smaller pieces? I feel like I'm missing something obvious with this problem.


I always use poulty shears to cut tough dog treats into smaller pieces. They're meant to cut a raw chicken or other bird - including bones - into manageable pieces. I've never had any dog treats actually withstand the shears, but tendons might fray into individual fibres and not cut very well.

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