Hi few days ago my cat had a dark spot in his face, on the nose side.

Thought it was dirt from eating so leave it.

But today seen an identical one in the other nose side, so I get worried.

enter image description here

Any kind of symptom? Thank you!

  • Are they crunchy (if dried) or sticky (if still wet), and wipe off easily?
    – StephenS
    Jul 3 '21 at 19:39
  • Hi, there are two vertical line-wipeoff not so far from the commissures. It are dried, it seems to be "cat acne"; Have been negligent and not cleaned the water and foot dishes in days. Now have applied infusion of field horsetail, as it is a natural desinfectant. What you think?
    – user406126
    Jul 3 '21 at 20:31

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