I've got a huge problem with my fish and plants. They eat them too rapidly. Put in 5 plants yesterday afternoon. Today they are half eaten already.

Mostly, the sword bearers are responsible.

Eaters are 5 black mollies and 4 sword bearers.

Now, the question is: what can I do so that the plants survive a bit longer than 1-3 days?

Picture of the aquarium.

  • I doubt if those fish are eating Amazon sword or anubia. I have found Amazon swords to be difficult to grow and fade like yours. Jun 16 at 16:57
  • @blacksmith37 I only had anubia in the past but got a problem with the excretions of the fish and bacteria as the anubia didnt use that up e nough (aka N3 problem) thus need medium to fast growing plants in there too. But even with 5 plants in one go its 2 weeks top before they are eaten (even if every 3 days they get a leaf of salad,...
    – Thomas
    Jun 16 at 17:55

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