I got a new cat one week ago from the RSPCA, he was originally from a farm and was given to them; having been with them for two months. They explained he isn’t used to human contact and would take a while to come round.

He’s been hiding under our bath since we brought him home and will only come out to eat and use litter tray when he knows we’re in bed. We have left the utility door shut so he only has in there and the bathroom in the day, and the kitchen too at night. I’m unsure if he was completely feral but he seems to be absolutely petrified of us.

Is this normal/any advice to tempt him out whilst we’re around? I’ve left out treat trails, etc. but no luck so far.

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    Not exactly the same question but things here and here are generally applicable.
    – C.Koca
    May 21 at 22:20