I got bunny and she is an inside bunny. Well, she will not stop kicking her litter out of her litter box. I would like for her to stay an inside bunny, but my dad said if I do not get her to stop, she will have to go outside. How do I get her to stop, because I do not want to put her outside?

  • What kind of litter does you use? Wood-pellets, Straw? And how is the litter box shaped? Low or high walls? If low, you could try first to use a box with high walls, or even one with a "roof" and only one opening to get in and out – Allerleirauh Mar 25 at 6:19

To answer your question in a general way (I will provide more detail, when you have answered my comment)

The litter should be comfortable for the rabbit. Many rabbits like a "soft" cover, for example straw or paper shavings at the top. You could try to cover your usual litter with this. Some rabbits even like to take a nap onto this "bedding" and only use one corner to defecate.

The litter box need to be the right size. The rabbit should be able to lay (with long hind legs) comfortable in it.

And there are litter boxes, which help you with their shape. For example a litter box for cats shaped with a roof (see the picture for example) will help. Then the rabbit can rearrange the litter inside, until it is comfortable with it, but the litter will not spread onto the outside.

enter image description here

For this box I would propose to install some kind of step for the rabbit to get in. This could be a piece of a thick branch or some kind of brick. (The important: the surface should be not slippery, and it should be stable.)

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