We recently rescue a terrier mix, he was 1yr old when we first got him and he's now 1.5yr old. Since we got him, he always had those spots on his belly, inner paws and groin area. They look like Dalmatian spots (which could be since we are unsure of his breed history). The thing is, the spots were very light when we first got him and in a short period of time the have darken a lot, they now appear to be dark brown.

Is that normal? The coat didn't change colour, it's just the spots who appears to change... Could it be related to shedding season as well? If he is part dalmatian, do dalmatian spots still darken after a year? I' m not sure if this is something that should be check... Anybody had a similar experience?

  • The knowledge is from the childrens movie "101 Dalmatians", so I do not want to write it as answer ^^ Puppies of this breed would be born completely white and then get spots later. Because this would probably not happen over-night, it is clear possible that the spots appear light colored and then darken more an more. But if you have worries about the health of your animal, please visit a vet (or call the vet and ask) and do not wait for the guesses of strangers from the internet ;) Mar 3 at 4:37